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This Christmas I decorated my nails and my hair the cheesiest way possible.  I wanted to go a little further with my Christmas hairstyling and I think it turned really cute. On Christmas eve I wore my new DIY christmas flower headband and on Boxing Day, when we visited my grandma, I put lots of colourful bows in my hair.

The DIY to
create the christmas flower headband was really easy, fast and cheap: I bought
a bunch of christmas flowers and a plain headband at the nearby superstore
(costs: 4€ for both). At home I cut the flowers really short, leaving just a
few centimeters of wire below the blossoms. I wrapped them around the headband
and quickly fixed them with a needle and thread (superglue would have been
alright as well).
For the
following hairstyle I first made a big bun, using a bun sponge for more volume.
Then I added red gift ribbons and also put matching hairclips with bows on them
in my hair (from Claire’s). If you want
to know more about my Christmas nail design, click here.
My earrings were a Christmas gift, they are from the Berlin shop Blackdoorbeauty.


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