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First of all: Merry Christmas! Just in time for the very special day which causes all the stress and anticipation I want to show you my latest nail designs before I pounce on my family’s Christmas feast. This year I had the Ciaté Mini Mani Month as Christmas calendar, that’s why I only used my new Ciaté polishes for the following designs:

 1. Snow Globe

The little
treasure behind my first door – the shimmer of the flakes is hard to catch but
it’s really pretty.


2. Sugar plum and Fit for a queen
I really
like this “Milka”-purple and added the silver polish called “Fit for a queen“ on the tips,
plus tiny stars to make the design more festive.


3. Hopscotch, Kiss chase, Jingle belle
I combined
the orange “Hopscotch”, the pink “Kiss chase” and the glitter “Jingle Belle”
and also added some stamped on bows and dots. My nails were supposed to remind
of girly little gifts.
4. Locket, Boudoir, Christmas tree caviar
I painted
my nails with the red “Boudoir” which is opaque after only one layer. One
finger on each hand was painted with the glittery silver called “Locket”
though. I put the Christmas caviar on top of the red nails and painted tiny Christmas
trees on the silver nails (with small red stars on top). Really cheesy, I know – but if not at Christmas when
I wish all of you a wonderful day, however you are going to celebrate it!
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